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On Loving the Patria

Thomas Fleming’s “Love the One You’re With” (Perspective, January) is the kind of writing that first attracted me to Chronicles and The Rockford Institute.  It is for this caliber of discussion that I return every year to the Summer School.  When I read Dr. Fleming, I can be sure that English is being properly used, that the ideas are based on principles rather than on party agenda or expediency, and that I have complete sympathy with the content—paleoconservatism.  There was nothing wrong with this Chronicles article either in its form or its burden.

Yet it saddened me greatly.  I have an empty heart when it comes to a patria.  I long for a fatherland to love.  But as a transplant, an unofficial émigré, there is no immediate claim of blood and soil.  The Confederacy is no more.  Even the open, liberal, pre-New Deal Republic is a thing of the past.  Injustice is firmly established.  As Dr. Fleming’s article so carefully documents, bad laws are constantly enforced.  I cannot watch police dramas on television.  It isn’t that I can’t tell which are the good guys.  Rather, I don’t see any good guys.  Abortions are performed daily, some with money extorted from me in taxes.  The one...

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