Polemics & Exchanges

On Letters and Guns

In a letter to the editor (Polemics & Exchanges, May) Henry Heatherly says that, in my March Sins of Omission column, “A Hero Among Heroes,” I refer to Audie Murphy firing a .50 caliber machine gun from “a German tank destroyer” and thus made a mistake, because the caliber of German machine guns on their tank destroyers was 7.9 mm.  For the record, I said only that Murphy climbed onto a “burning tank destroyer” and fired its .50 caliber at the oncoming Germans.  I thought that it was clear that the tank destroyer was one of ours.  If not, my mention of the tank destroyer’s .50 caliber should have made it obvious.

        —Roger D. McGrath
Thousand Oaks, CA

On Enlightenment Critics

It is always enjoyable to read the perceptive Dr. Paul Gottfried. I have just one correction, though, to his review of Christopher Olaf Blum’s edited anthology of French counterrevolutionary thought, Critics of the Enlightenment (“Counterrevolutionary Light,” Reviews, April). The French political philosopher Philippe Bénéton, not Blum, is the author of the...

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