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On Landlubbing Greenies

Though I agree with it on the specific topic of Iraq, whatever faint tinge of camaraderie I might once have had with the liberal antiwar movement has long since faded.  The critiques of the Green Movement in your November issue (“Wanted! Enemies of the Planet”) inspire a similar reaction in me.  Environmentalism does not even rise to the dignity of being a poor but well-meaning solution to a grave problem.  Like antiwar liberals, eco-crusaders are themselves a grave part of the grave problem.

In “Wiccan Warming” (Perspective), Dr. Thomas Fleming attributes the Greens’ idolatry of the Earth to a combination of “romantic misanthropy,” hygienic morality, and calculated hedonism.  I am inclined to agree, particularly with the first item.  Modern liberals do not so much love Mexicans as they despise Texas; similarly, the Greens do not so much love the natural world as they despise civilization.  Their idealizations of Nature reflect a desire to compose an immaculate victim/avenger for the villain of their drama.

The only quibble I have with Dr. Fleming’s analysis is that to revere and to worship are not precisely the same thing.  Naturally, we should not worship the natural order—but, then, we should not worship saints, either.  I suspect, however,...

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