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On Immigration Reform

The glory of our greatest strength, “diversity,” loses its luster as you drive from Nogales, Arizona, up to the scenic Northland.  Traveling north, you notice fewer bars on the windows of businesses and homes, as well as a general reduction in the Australopithecine recycling practices so aptly described by Chilton Williamson, Jr., in his book The Immigration Mystique.  It appears that Aztlan, when it finally triumphs by way of demographics, will at the very least be a consolidated mosaic of rampant crime, trash, fully loaded diapers, abandoned cars, patron politics, and other examples of Latin American “self-determination” stretching from Mexico City all the way to Denver.  As I stew about what is happening to the Southwest, I am faced with a dilemma: Should I move south and jump into the front lines with Ranch Rescue or some other such organization or head as far north as I can, only to look forward to a face-off with our Islamic brethren sneaking across the Canadian border?

Thus, it was refreshing to read Peter Brimelow’s upbeat “we can do it again” account (“Real Reform,” Vital Signs, May).  The fly in the ointment is there in the form of the 14th Amendment, however, which cannot be defanged by simply tinkering with the Citizenship Clause.  In the midst of our...

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