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On Holding the Line

Derek Turner, in “The New White Moors” (Correspondence, September), is right to warn of the advance of Islam and the decline of the West.  He would, however, benefit from reading Christopher Dawson’s The Making of Europe.

The West is dying because it has lost faith in itself, which is inexorably linked to Christianity.  Mr. Turner cites a lack of “historical consciousness” as the underlying cause of the Muslim advance and of our decline.  Dawson points out that the very idea of history stems from Christianity.  In fact, it is the West that has preserved other civilizations’ histories.

All of this has to do with the Incarnation.  Christ is real!  He was born into the world!  The world is redeemed!  Islam and other world religions do not believe that the world is redeemed or that Creation is good.  They chant and meditate to get out of a polluted world.  This is why they do not treasure history or believe in a linear understanding of life and why science grew in the West.

Mr. Turner is right to point out that the West is ignorant of its own history, but this all stems from a lack of faith.

        —Patrick Walsh
Quincy, MA

Mr. Turner Replies:


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