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On Hating Women

I don’t subscribe to Chronicles to read simplistic misogynistic trash like Aaron D. Wolf’s “Pro-Choice Christians” (Views, November 2008), in which he reduces Sarah Palin and all women to a “function”—that of wife and mother.  This article is written in the same redneck spirit as the effigy of Palin hung in West Hollywood (see CBS News’s “Halloween Palin Prop Sparks Controversy in WeHo”).  Women are people; and “people” have skills other than those connected with their genitals.

Respect for women as people is one of the basic principles of Christianity.  The misogynistic point of view that allegedly glorifies “wife and mother” but in actual fact reduces women to sexual slavery to the male gender’s [sic] relentless biological drive to frame everything in terms of sex was specifically battled by Christ.  Christianity is the only world religion that consistently combats the male libido and its compulsion to herd women into the small confines of sexual chattel roles.  The Christian religion gave birth to the spiritual medieval chivalric attitudes toward women—because it was women who followed Christ, funded him, fed him, hosted Christian gatherings in their homes, and stood at the base of the cross when most of His male disciples had fled.  Christianity is the only religion that expressly forbade men’s polygamy...

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