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On Globalist TV

Let me take issue with one aspect of the recent and inspired E. Michael Jones piece, “The Family Against the Globalists” (Views, November 2002).  Dr. Jones suggests that television is supplanting the virtues that are central to families with the values central to the global marketplace and includes a call to action, something frequently lacking in Chronicles.

Where I would differ is over the source of television’s adverse impact.  The effective force enabling television to destroy ethnos is its inherent nature as an advertising medium in an economy fueled by useless consumer goods.  The point is suggested by George Garrett in The Sorrows of Fat City, where he relates that, as a young CBS writer, he was made to understand that, for the masters of television, what mattered most were the commercials.  The medium, Garrett argues, was conceived and is managed primarily to advertise, not to entertain, and what fills the gaps between commercials scarcely matters, as long as it is produced cheaply and does not cause the ordinary viewer to change the channel.

Regardless of the programming content, the ultimate message of television as advertising medium is that we should seek fulfillment in the acquisition of consumer goods.  The image reflected back to everyone gazing at...

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