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On Family Planning

My reading of the Views by Aaron D. Wolf (“Hating Babies, Hating God”) and Judie Brown (“Rending the Seamless Garment”) in the June issue of Chronicles is that contraception is condemned almost to the same degree as abortion.  Surely there is a great distinction between abortifacients and the prevention of conception.

It seems clear from statements by the Pope that birth control, except for natural family planning, is a grievous sin that, if unrepented and continued, becomes a mortal sin, with perdition a certainty.

Under these conditions, there would be a rather small number in the last 2,000 years eligible for everlasting happiness.  Heaven would be rather lightly populated, but other destinations would be somewhat crowded.

The Pope remarked that it isn’t that there are too many people at the table but that there is not enough food on the table; but the table is getting smaller, and we are running out of chairs.

        —William A. Diehl
Defiance, OH

Mr. Wolf Replies:

I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Diehl: On the list of violations of the natural law, abortion certainly...

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