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On Faith’s Darkness

As much as I appreciated Tom Piatak’s  upbraiding of the pathetic Christopher Hitchens (“Hitchens’ Hubris,” Opinion, October), I take issue with his statement, “Jesus believed He was the Son of God . . . ”  Such a statement is ambiguous and does a disservice to Christ and to Christianity.

The Catholic Church teaches that, by and through the hypostatic union, Christ’s soul possessed immediate knowledge of God from the very moment of His conception; and that, from this, He could not possess the theological virtues of faith and hope.  In his book Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, Dr. Ludwig Ott explains, “Christ as the Originator and Completer of Faith (Hebr. 12, 2), could not Himself walk in the darkness of faith.  The perfection of the self-consciousness of the man Jesus can be explained only on the understanding that He possessed immediate knowledge of the Godhead with which He was united.”  In other words, our Lord Jesus Christ knew He was the Son of God.

        —Jerry C. Meng
Imlay City, MI

Mr. Piatak Replies:

I am grateful to Mr. Meng for his lesson in abstruse theology.  But the portion of my review that he objects to must not be quite the “disservice...

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