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On Descending Into Hell

It seems the only thing needed to complete Scott P. Richert’s 12th-century piece (“One Moment in Time,” Rockford Files, September), in which he states that, “Deprived of Baptism, the souls of these children may never find true rest,” would be “unless you give an indulgence.”  Can Mr. Richert please give a scriptural reference to back up the notion that our God would be so merciless toward the innocent unborn?

If God will take to task those who fail to speak out for the innocent, and His Word is full of outrage against the taking of innocent blood, it simply does not follow that hundreds of millions of unborn children, whose aborted lives are the shedding of innocent blood, “may never find true rest” because they have been “[d]eprived of Baptism.”

The very idea that an innocent, tortured and murdered before birth, will not find God’s rest is a throwback to the days when God was the cruel and vindictive retribution-taking Entity only to be feared—and that seems almost as horrible as the taking of innocent life itself.

Mr. Richert’s take on a God Who, after “the death and destruction of the body,” fails to bring “true rest” to the innocents, in effect, makes the Devil look good!


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