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On Consistency

In the April 30 issue of the Remnant, Christopher Ferrara cites a priest in New York who claims that the percentage of seminarians within his diocese who are homosexual may be conservatively estimated at 60 percent.  If this is what Bishop Thomas Doran of Rockford (quoted in “De Profundis,” The Rockford Files, June) refers to as high scrutiny, I can’t even imagine what “relaxed standards” would resemble.  Apparently, the post-conciliar standard has been (and will continue to be) that pyromaniacs are O.K., but there must be no evidence of their having set fire to buildings.

Dr. Philip Jenkins’ attempts to analyze the sexual scandals (“The Crime of Consistency,” Breaking Glass, June) seem strangely acontexual as he prescinds them from canon law, the Church’s moral teaching, etc.

We are confronting the same old thing: a Vatican that talks sternly and does nothing—at least as long as we’re not confronting really serious stuff, like “Lefebvrism,” in which case we have to bring the ax down.  This is precisely the “laxity” Scott P.?Richert mentioned in his June column.  However, it’s a bit more severe than this.  Basically, the Vatican II documents talked about an explicit attempt...

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