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On Chronicles History

I greatly appreciated Dr. Clyde Wilson’s fine article in the September issue (“Beginning With History,” Views) and located all of the works cited on the War Between the States.  They should be arriving at my politically incorrect home (I have a full-service shooting range out back and harvest deer and turkey on my property regularly) shortly.  Mine is probably the only home in the state of Michigan that flies a 10th Tennessee regimental flag out front (though it is a reproduction and probably Chinese-made).  I love my country and am disappointed with its educational decline even in my lifetime.  Keep up the good work!

        —Dr. James S. Bradford
Kalamazoo, MI

The Views on history by Clyde Wilson, Donald Livingston, and Roger McGrath made the September issue one of the best I have received.  This sort of analysis of history, along with top recommendations in books, is very helpful in my own reading and in the library I am building for my children.  I would welcome more of such essays dealing with various areas of history.

        —Ray Van Neste
Jackson, TN

On Naming Names

As always, Joseph Sobran sees the small details that reveal the larger reality (“Words and Power,” The Bare Bodkin, September). ...

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