Polemics & Exchanges

On Christmas in July

The June issue of Chronicles (“Surviving the Global Economy”) was simply outstanding.  This is really saying a lot, since every issue is superb.  I especially liked Jack Trotter’s article on the Abbeville, South Carolina, Christmas celebration (“Christmas in Abbeville,” Correspondence).  While certain elements of our society feel compelled to demand hatred and shame for their history among those of white, European descent, the city mayor and commissioners of Abbeville are in complete and enthusiastic support of an event that celebrates the area’s past.  The article was quite inspiring and gave me a rare experience: hope for the future.  I have made plans to attend the event this coming season.

        —Monte Poitevint
Lakeland, Georgia

On Constant Innovation

I enjoyed Clark Stooksbury’s critical review of Jeff Gomez’s book Print Is Dead: Books in Our Digital Age (“Print Lives!,” May).  But there is a deeper problem revealed in Gomez’s book that he did not discuss: Technophiles such as Gomez are essentially revolutionaries.  They believe that constant...

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