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On Blinkeredness

The Cold War rages on for Christie Davies (“Islam and Breivik’s Bombs,” News, October).  He even referenced the “evil” Russian/communist in drawing a bead on the “evil” Muslim.

And what evils are the Muslims of Europe guilty of?  Davies is upset that women are expected to wear headscarves (read: act modestly) in Muslim neighborhoods, a challenge to the self-indulgent, freewheeling whore mentality that’s grown up all over the West.  As a believing Jew, I approve of this localist desire for modesty.  Why shouldn’t Christians like it?

The sharia zones also take a firm line against gambling, usury, etc.  Does Professor Davies think these vices are good things and/or shouldn’t be talked about?  He complains about Muslims encroaching on free speech, but he’s the one that wants the sharia signs torn down.

Davies goes on to complain about the “blinkered ideological mind-set of the Norwegian left-wing elite” but shows himself to be blinkered and out of date with his Cold War rhetoric.  His reference to the Israel/Palestine situation demonstrates moral obtuseness that all but says Palestinians have no title to live in a land that has been their home for many generations.  If Davies knew the history...

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