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On Beslan

Srdja Trifkovic’s conclusion to his piece on the Beslan tragedy (“After Beslan,” The American Interest, November) hits the mark precisely.  Orthodox Christians have had it proved to them over and over again that the West will prefer the friendship of the Mohammedan to ours, unless we volunteer to forsake our convictions and identity to become second-class Westerners.  At one time, this meant subjection to the pope.  Today, it consists in subjection to the New World Order.  It is ironic that the honest traveler cannot help but notice that what is left of Christian Europe—a living Christian Europe, not inanimate cultural monuments—remains in the Orthodox Eastern Europe so long despised by the once-triumphant West, at one time declared dead by communism but now haltingly yet demonstrably coming to life again despite malicious opposition from secularists and Muslims and uncomprehending interference from non-Orthodox Christians.  If you wish to know where the hope of the world lies, look East.

        —Fr. Steven Allen
Rectory of St. Spyridon Church
St. Clair Shores, MI

Nothing, including the 1182 massacre of thousands of Roman Catholics in Constantinople under the Byzantine emperor Andronicus, justifies the sack of Constantinople...

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