In the Dark

Of Wrath, Lies, and Heroes

Produced by Endgame Entertainment 
Directed by Oliver Stone 
Screenplay by Kieran Fitzgerald and Oliver Stone 
Distributed by Open Road Films

Produced by Malpaso Productions 
Directed by Clint Eastwood 
Screenplay by Todd Komarnicki 
Distributed by Warner Brothers 

Anyone Hillary Clinton hates usually wins my admiration by default.  Edward Snowden, then, should be at the top of my hit parade.  Clinton’s icy regard for the former NSA programmer, now a fugitive from his former employers at the CIA for stealing 1.5 million phone and data records from them, seems motivated not merely by reasons of state but, as with most things Clinton, her own self-interest.  You can’t help suspecting that she fears some of her own mysteriously missing cyberrecords are nestling in Snowden’s cache.  Nevertheless, my sympathy for the computer whiz is severely limited.  Yes, he did expose our government’s addiction to eavesdropping on citizens, but he did it in a way that puts us all at risk.  By releasing the NSA cyberinterceptions, he alerted our enemies as to how thoroughly they were being monitored.  These miscreants have since taken steps to frustrate U.S. surveillance, leaving our would-be guardians perilously in the dark and exposing...

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