Cultural Revolutions

"October Surprise"

The Bush administration could be cooking up an “October surprise”—an attack on Iran—to boost the lagging fortunes of the President and the Republican Party, according to a recent editorial by Patrick J. Buchanan.  With midterm elections coming in November, the Bush White House has been cranking up the anti-Iran rhetoric, presenting Tehran’s nuclear program as a clear-and-present danger to the United States.  According to the White House line, the result of nuclear research by the “mad mullahs” would be an Islamic bomb in the hands of terrorists set to attack the American “Great Satan.”  Never mind that the best the Iranians could reportedly hope for would be enough nuclear material in five to ten years for one bomb.  By taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities, the President could not only boost his own ratings but recreate the rally-round-the-flag effect of the heady post-September 11 period.  The Republicans, according to Buchanan, could “hold onto both houses in November, costing Democrats their best chance in a decade of recouping power.”  Buchanan’s scenario sounds about right; what’s more, Bush II could use his credentials as a wartime leader to demand that Congress pass an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, the elusive Golden Fleece of his presidency.

Meanwhile, New Yorker columnist Seymour Hersh claimed...

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