Reading Ann Coulter’s newest polemical masterpiece brings to mind one of her previous ones.  I don’t mean her sparkling In Trump We Trust, published just before the 2016 election (and reviewed in this magazine), in which she predicted that the unthinkable would happen.  Rather I refer to her 2011 book, Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.  Previously, I had thought the first part of her title overwrought.  I believe now she should have saved it for the new book.  Her subject here is a deep and enormous one, whose history continues, of course, to unfold.  Yet her book’s narrow focus and empirical concentration make it an unqualified success.  The title, which seems to promise an overview and critique of the whole anti-Trump “resistance,” is really mainly about its media enablers.  Perhaps, therefore,  the subtitle should have been “How the Trump-Hating Media Lost Its Collective Mind” (or rather, whatever mind it ever had).  Coulter focuses specifically on the media’s promotion of the fraudulent “Russian collusion” narrative (17 out of 21 chapters), which the press clearly believes is real.  That it’s not real but essentially based on disinformation propagated by high officials in the national-security bureaucracy (FBI,...

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