In the Dark


Produced and distributed by Universal Pictures
Written and directed by Joseph Kosinski from his graphic novel

The Company You Keep
Produced by Voltage Pictures
Directed by Robert Redford
Screenplay by Lem Dobbs from the novel by Neil Gordon
Distributed by Sony Pictures Classics 


Oblivion seems to me an experiment in form following function.  Its off-the-shelf science-fiction narrative unwinds in such a perversely baffling manner that you have to wonder if writer-director Joseph Kosinski was determined to have his audience follow his characters into their state of memory-erased oblivion.  If so, he nearly succeeded with me.  A third of the way through the film, I rushed to the theater’s refreshment stand to fortify myself with a triple espresso.  Had I not, I would almost certainly have nodded off and missed the glacial denouement when it finally arrived.

I did somewhat better than Julia (Olga Kurylenko).  When she finally shows up nearly an hour after the opening credits, she’s in a sleep capsule, and planet patrolman Jack (Tom Cruise) has to wake her from a 60-year nap.  At first he hasn’t a clue to who she is, but now, as she revives in his arms, he discovers she’s . . . No, that’s as far as I’ll go. ...

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