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Obama’s Amnesty

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By:Srdja Trifkovic | November 22, 2014

President Barack Obama’s predecessors have taken executive action on immigration, but no previous president has acted on such grand scale or justified his move by prior executive action instead of a statute. In 1987 and 1990 Reagan and George H.W. Bush were acting with the support of Congress, rather than in defiance of its leaders. They used prosecutorial discretion to shield specific small groups of people from deportation (e.g. young children of recently legalized immigrants) in line with the amnesty law which Congress had already passed.

By contrast, Obama is using prosecutorial discretion to adopt a comprehensive policy of non-enforcement of the duly enacted immigration law. His audacity is breathtaking: he acts on the assumption that he can pick and choose which laws to enforce, in open violation of Article II Section 3 (the President “shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”).

In the fullness of time Obama’s de facto amnesty will apply to all twenty-odd million illegal aliens – not to mention additional legions of new illegals who will be encouraged to cross the border by the increased likelihood that they will never be deported. The President’s attitude to the immigration crisis was evident in his claim that he has “seen the heartbreak and anxiety of children whose mothers might be taken away from them just because they didn’t have the right papers.” In Obama’s world, merely not having “the right papers” is a trifling matter, an issue of excessive bureaucratic pedantry which can be corrected by executive fiat.

Long-term effects of Obama’s amnesty will be catastrophic, not only in the legal and constitutional sphere. Millions of newly legalized workers will join the mainstream labor market, thus depressing wages and employment prospects for less-educated Americans. The U.S. population will increase from 320 million today to 440 million in 2050—a 120 million increase, according to the Census Bureau estimate. New immigrants and their descendants are expected to account for 80 million (or 67 percent) of that increase. Even those staggering figures are based on the assumption that immigration levels will remain static. Net immigration has been increasing for the past half-century, however, and there are no signs that the trend is changing. If it continues, the increase caused by immigration may well be higher than the projected 80 million—taking us easily to an America of half a billion people only decades from now.

Far from enhancing America’s “diversity,” the ongoing deluge threatens to impose a numbing Third-World sameness, to eradicate the remnants of this country’s identity, and to demolish what survives of her special character. On current form, not only will English-speaking Americans of European origin become a minority in their own country only decades from now, but they will share an increasingly overpopulated, polluted, lumpenproleterized, culturally unrecognizable country inhabited by tens of millions of aliens, including millions of actual or potential jihadists and their accomplices, aiders and abettors.

Whether this criminal idiocy can be stopped is now open to doubt. Obama and the cultural-Marxist ruling class see self-annihilation of the American nation with a historical memory and a cultural identity as the key to their revolutionary project. With last Thursday’s announcement Obama has made a major new step in that direction.



Laguna Beach Fogey
11/22/2014 04:21 PM

  Unfortunately, few people on our side are prepared to discuss seriously the obvious solutions. The country's become a prison and insane asylum.

Los Angeles
11/22/2014 04:24 PM

  Mr. Trifkovic: Living in Los Angeles, I can seen the future of the United States and it isn't pretty.

11/22/2014 07:16 PM

  The audacity of the man is breathtaking. More and more I am coming to believe that he has a deep-seated resentment towards white people and a hatred for Western Civilization in general.

Letters From Canada
11/23/2014 03:25 PM

  Dr. Trifkovic, Obama is not behaving different in violating domestic laws than international ones. When Obama sign executive orders what gives chills to the rest of the Planet, that is not different than this one giving chills to anyone normal US citizen. Obama does not carry the same value as you, me, or anyone from Chronicles Magazine, his values are those of one community organizer. So everyone should buckle up for the long ride of US decline. To tell the truth, I am glad that all that planned immigration from all over the world will end up in US rather than Canada.

Nicholas MOSES
Paris (FR)
11/23/2014 10:16 PM

  Now that it is clear once and for all the current political parties will never do anything to remedy the situation (not that we didn't already know, but before this week many normal people could have been forgiven for hoping otherwise), I would suggest we take L.B.F.'s words to heart and begin openly discussing just how the next few decades will go. Whites are expected to fall below 50 percent of the population by the mid- to late 2030s (assuming the recent 2043 projections are adjusted downward as I think they are likely to be). While I couldn't quickly find reliable numbers to make a realistic prediction, I would guess that by 2055 at the latest, nonwhites will make up a majority of the American electorate. Of course, there could be confrontation before then, probably triggered by a global ecological crisis of Malthusian proportions, or a global financial meltdown that makes those of 1929 and 2008 seem like tiny dips, or some combination of the two (i.e., the latter leading to a shortage of energy supplied). What plays in our favor is the fact that the overwhelming majority of firearms, of land by acre - even more so of both valuable urban land where most minorities live and farmland on which food is grown - AND of truck driving jobs to transport food are presently held by whites. Barring such an intervention, however, the new "American" legislature, once comfortably installed, is likely to instill expropriation and disarmament programs (think 1990s South Africa) to deny whites their logistic edge in any such conflict. This is why the Democratic Party is trying to pack in as many new "Americans" as possible, before it all hits the fan. Whites can at least take comfort that if it gets to that point, the U.S. will be a Third World country no longer in a position to field a First World army and prevent its citizens (and what remains of their wealth) from expatriating. One of two things will be necessary: combat or emigration. My advice: prepare for both.


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