Obama’s Right-Wing Cheerleaders

Rah-Rah Government Intervention!

The Tea Partiers and the Town Hallers are clearly angry that the Obama administration so quickly began to pursue policies that run contrary to traditional conservative values—values that are based on skepticism of, if not hostility toward, the role of government in the management of human affairs.  Indeed, if there was one thing that used to define American conservatives it was the philosophical axiom that the state and its political class have neither the moral right nor the administrative capability to direct people’s lives.  So is it really surprising that so many conservatives, ranging from the FOX News pundit (a term that derives from the Sanskrit pandita, meaning “learned”; e.g., Hannity the Learned) to your typical town-hall protester, believe that the federal government under President Barack Obama is committed to expanding the power of the state to promote a militant liberal or social-democratic agenda, including economic collectivism and social engineering at home and abroad?

On second thought, I probably need to scratch my reference to “abroad” in the preceding sentence.  Yes, the heated town-hall meetings seem to be rousing to action many who describe themselves as conservatives.  They are fuming about last year’s $700 billion bank bailout (which was actually proposed by President George W. Bush) and about President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus package as...

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