Obama’s Manufactured Border Crisis

This summer’s border crisis—the near total collapse of any controls or security at our southern border, especially in South Texas—was manufactured by the Obama administration as a means of forcing through a mass amnesty, either via Congress or by executive fiat.  Legalizing millions of illegal aliens now resident in these United States is the immediate goal, but the strategic aim of stimulating an “humanitarian crisis” at the border by attracting more “unaccompanied minors” is what President Obama has described as his mission to “fundamentally transform” the country—that is, to overwhelm and effectively marginalize the much-reduced white population.  Once that is accomplished, there can be no going back to anything resembling the America of historical memory.  The amnesty cabal in both parties is plotting what amounts to a conscious attempt to complete the destruction of the country as we know it.

The White House has acted methodically to build momentum for a transformational amnesty.  The border “surge” of unaccompanied minors—which, in fact, according to a number of media accounts, still constitutes only about 20 percent of the total number of aliens passing virtually unmolested into the country—began much earlier than this year and has more to do with the signals Washington has been sending to Latin America than with...

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