Obama’s Atomic Wedgie

April may be the cruelest month, but this year May took the cake.  It was then that we were reminded that human life is a political football, and that players on both sides of the line of scrimmage are suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

When word came that President Obama was scheduled to appear at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial on May 27—the first sitting, standing, or kneeling U.S. president to do so—fear crept in among Mr. Obama’s political critics that he was making another stop on his insufferable apology tour.  Of course, the White House denied that this would be the case.  And yet, when the speech was finally delivered, and Presidents Obama and Abe bowed and embraced, the critics erupted.  Charles Krautham mer unbosomed himself on FOX News, referring to the speech’s “embarrassing utopianism,” which “dishonored our nation.”  Angry American Sarah Palin, stumping for Trump, referred to the incineration of so many tens of thousands of Hiroshima’s men, women, and children as the moment when we “put a boot in [their] ass.”  “Conservative” blogs demanded that the GOP-controlled Congress censure the President.  All in all, the thing was cast as a slap in the face of America’s veterans, just in time for Memorial Day, which was apparently confused with Veterans Day.

The interwebs then exploded...

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