Obama: Our American Idol

“Hell,” as Thomas Hobbes astutely noted several centuries ago, “is truth glimpsed too late.”  As in the case of Barack H. Obama, self-anointed messiah?  I should certainly imagine so.

By the end of the first year of Obama’s second term, a majority of Americans had pretty much caught on to their President’s unmatched gift for posturing and overpromising.  (“If you like your [healthcare] plan, you can keep it,” etc., etc., etc.)  Glimpsed too late to prevent all the injuries inflicted on the American polity since January 2009, the truth about Obama’s megalomania is nevertheless worth recounting, as a warning against . . . ourselves.

Now wait a minute.  Ourselves?  Seems a little rich, doesn’t it?  Isn’t Obama the topic and target?  Only nominally, I would say.  Only as a discussion-starter.

Megalomaniacal, boastful, self-adoring, vainglorious politicians go hand in hand as it were with rapturous crowds and audiences.  Such as the one in St. Paul, Minnesota, that celebrated with candidate Obama, June 4, 2008, his attainment of enough delegates to assure him the Democratic presidential nomination.  The shouts of praise were intense as the victorious nominee-to-be began praising himself and his intentions.

“I face this challenge with profound...

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