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Obama and the “Jewish Vote”

“Concern in Jerusalem: Obama Is Getting Closer to the Presidency” was the headline on the front page of Ma’ariv, an Israeli daily.  “Sources in Jerusalem are worried over the erosion in the support for Hillary Clinton who is considered more supportive of Israel,” the paper reported after the Iowa caucuses, reflecting the rising sentiment among Israeli officials that Barack Hussein Obama “is not good for the Jews.”

The sense of Obama hysteria among many Israelis was evident in a caricature published in Ma’ariv, in which Obama is seen painting the White House black.  Get it?  You can imagine the reaction in Washington if an Arab newspaper published a drawing of Joe Lieberman painting Stars of David on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Not wanting to be accused of “interfering” in U.S. presidential elections, both Israeli officials and heads of American Jewish organizations (a.k.a. “Jewish leaders”) have refrained from expressing their concerns over Obama in public.  They probably recall the political backlash among Democrats when then-Israeli Ambassador to Washington Yitzhak Rabin made it clear that he wanted to see Nixon beat McGovern in 1972.  (Though Nixon doubled his share of the Jewish vote from the measly 17 percent he received four years earlier, McGovern received 65 percent of the Jewish vote.)


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