Cultural Revolutions

Nouns Have Gender

“Congratulations!  It’s a boy!”

Does that sound like hate speech to you?  No?  Well, obviously, you’re a cisgender bigot.

That’s how Slate’s C.S. Milloy sees it . . . Wait, you don’t know what a “cis” is?  What’s wrong with you?

In today’s gender-studies-enriched society, a “cis” is a “you,” or “your wife,” or all of the people you know.  Cis a term drawn from a Latin prefix (“on this side of”) that is often contrasted with the prefix trans (“across”).

I bet you’re catching on.

A cisgender (“cis”) person is comfortable identifying with the sex indicated by chromosomes X and/or Y, genitals, and the handiwork of Almighty God.  A transgender person (“sissy”) experiences unease (“dysphoria,” according to the canonical DSM V) when attempting to identify with the sex assigned him at birth.  He may dress things up with a bow or have things cut off with a scalpel or just write for Slate.

Now that you’ve learned those terms, please realize that strict usage of them may reveal further bigotry on your part.  What if some poor, confused soul sees himself as “gender fluid”?  Or “bigender”?  Or “gender nonconforming”? ...

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