Nothing in the Middle

Have you noticed?  Newspapers and television channels across the land have discovered a new kind of human-interest story: the business-owning, family-man illegal immigrant who gets deported after living in this country for decades as a productive noncitizen.  CNN’s website headlined the story of one Joel Colindres, “This is the face of deportation: A dad with no criminal record, an American wife and two kids.”

NBC News and the Washington Post were among the outlets that spotlighted the case of Andres Magana Ortiz, father of three and owner of a prosperous coffee farm on Hawaii, who was compelled to return to his native Mexico after 28 years living in the U.S.  (The Post at least acknowledged that Magana Ortiz was not a victim of Trump—the Department of Homeland Security had been seeking to deport him since 2011.)

The Wall Street Journal told the tale of Roberto Beristain under the generic headline “Immigrant Who Helped Build a Business Faces Deportation.”  Beristain also received attention from CBS’s 60 Minutes, while CNN played up the angle that Beristain’s wife had voted for Trump last November.

Then there was Armando Paez of Elk hart, Indiana, whom the Chicago Tribune described as “a Colombian immigrant who has been in the U.S. for 18 years” but is now “scheduled for deportation . . . This was a man who juggled...

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