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Not Your Mother’s Weasels

At the United Nations in the fall of 2009, Barack Obama acknowledged, with customary self-regard, “the expectations that accompany my presidency around the world,” no doubt referring to his pledge about the receding oceans, healing the planet and reviving the animal kingdom, and the unprecedented wisdom of his associates and himself.  Sure enough: The Russian “reset” has brought huge dividends for Europe and the Middle East; our alliances and economy are stronger than ever before; caribou, polar bear, and Cameroonian pygmy wildebeest have rebounded big time; and a dodo, thought extinct since around 1690, was reportedly spotted buying a Sporting News at the Indianapolis airport.  Magic promised, magic delivered.

Or so liberals would like to think.  Yet the liberal program has once again shown itself to be a con, a busted flush, punitive and expensive, a riot of misguided initiatives and outmoded policies, a cultish devotion to arrogance, foolishness, and failure.  Thus, in today’s world, those dubious victories claimed by liberals tend to be through litigation, outright criminality and fraud, and the frequent manipulation of language in an attempt to hold what they see as the moral high ground by describing things in different terms or forbidding the use of other terms altogether.  To them, linguistic sleight of hand equals moral superiority.  If Obama’s comments...

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