Not Prudent at That Juncture

Following the death of President George Herbert Walker Bush at age 94, the mainstream press and the television punditariat began treating the occasion as the passing of America’s grandpa.  The narcissistic grandchildren who flew in just in time for the funeral and preferred to stay at a hotel regaled us with personal stories of the kindly old man who, as we all know, wasn’t perfect, but looking back we can see that he taught us so much, and here’s the (one) picture of the two of us together, and I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry.

A similar scene had played out recently with the death of America’s crazy old war-hero uncle, John McCain.

The left hated both of them until it was no longer necessary.

The obituaries and commentary that poured forth from the same media that dogged President Bush while he was in office, asking him whether he was a wimp and urging him to be wimpier in the face of their demands, were transparently slanted to stir resentments among “suburban white women”—that now-coveted demographic—against Donald Trump and the so-called Party of Trump.  Vignettes about Bush’s love for his late wife, his fondness for colorful socks, his friendship with James Baker, his thoughtfulness in showing a young Chelsea Clinton where a White House bathroom was—these were unmistakably cast and broadcast in contrast to the “current...

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