Cultural Revolutions

Not An Ordinary Criminal

Kathy Boudin, by the time she walked out of the New York state penitentiary on parole last summer after serving 22 years for murder and bank robbery, should have been a forgotten name, but, thanks to the New York Times and similar organs, she was probably better known when she left prison than when she entered.  What seems to have been a well-orchestrated movement for her rehabilitation and release started several years ago, with a long article about her in the New Yorker and several front-page stories in the Times that have helped keep her and the lies she and her comrades seek to perpetuate before the public.

Boudin is a murderer, a terrorist, and a criminal—but not an ordinary one.  The daughter of lawyer Leonard Boudin (always described by the press as a “civil-liberties attorney” but, in fact, a Communist Party shill) and the granddaughter of Louis Boudin, a party founder, she became one of the best-known New Left loudmouths of the 1960’s and a founding member of its offshoot, the terrorist Weather Underground.  Before the day of her arrest in 1981, Boudin had last been seen running naked from the remains of a Greenwich Village townhouse that her Weather buddies had managed to blow up with their own bomb.  That was in 1970.

Eleven years later, on October 20, 1981, a gang of hoods calling itself the Black Liberation Army swiped $1.6 million from...

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