Cultural Revolutions

Not Absolutely Evil

Human beings cannot be absolutely evil, according to Christian theology, because they are made in the image of God; though fallen, they always retain an awareness of good and evil. Recent reports in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo (February 26) reveal that some of the high priests of French existentialism and postmodernity are making the effort to prove Christian theology wrong. "Revolution" was cute and romantic in 1968, but we did not notice at the time that sex with children was as well. This has come out in the course of accusations against one-time revolutionary student Daniel Cohn-Bendit. A prominent leader of the 1968 student revolts, which eventually led to the resignation of President Charles DeGaulle, Cohn-Bendit has joined the haute bourgeoisie as a member of the European Parliament representing the Greens of France. Now Cohn-Bendit is in hot water as a result of an essay he published in 1975, regarding the "erotic" nature of his behavior with children in a so called "alternative," "anti-authoritarian" kindergarten in Frankfurt, where he lived after being expelled for participating in the revolts.

"There were boys [or children; the Spanish plural ninos used in El Mundo can be generic, but if he used the French garcons in the original, it meant boys] who opened the fly of my trousers and began to give me caresses," Cohn-Bendit wrote...

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