Nor Shall My Sword Rest in My Hand

When the United States government was seeking to retaliate for the terrorist attacks last year, it was not too difficult to name the obvious targets: Afghanistan (of course), Iraq, Somalia, and the rest of the world’s bandit states.  Opponents of military intervention could make few effective arguments, but one point that was quite widely raised should not be dismissed out of hand.  Yes, argued the critics, the hijackers and their accomplices had spent long periods in sinister countries like Afghanistan; however, they had also trained, armed, and prepared in several European nations, such as Germany, France, and Britain.  So why should U.S. forces be bombing Kabul rather than Paris or Berlin?  Obviously, European governments were not supporting terrorist organizations in the same way that the Taliban were; nonetheless, most of the extreme Islamist groups were and are operating openly in democratic European nations, in a way that would never be tolerated in most Middle Eastern societies.  The ongoing jihad against Western Christendom is firmly based within the West, in the cities of Europe and North America.

The seeming desire of liberal Western societies to assist in their own suicide might be seen as a kind of collective social pathology.  It also has a critical economic dimension, since unrestricted travel and migration are fundamental tenets of the whole notion of globalization. ...

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