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No News Is Good News

Why does anyone follow the news?  I am not referring to people who more or less have to know what is being said about current events.  Investors, naturally, want to know about the rumors that can drive markets up or down, and politicians and their advisors have to study the media the way a deer hunter looks for sign.  For decades, reading newspapers and checking out websites was part of my daily routine, if only because I was going to write something on the ridiculous lies being told, and, even now that I am free of this stultifying burden, I find myself checking, every day, on what the fools are saying at the Washington Post and National Public Radio.

I was in Rome when I learned that a machete-wielding maniac had attacked the patrons of the Nazareth Restaurant & Deli in Columbus, Ohio.  I got the news from the garbled accounts in the mainstream press.

All the official reports insisted that there was no apparent motive for the attack, though some included the information that the restaurant had an Israeli flag in the window.  It took me over a day to find articles that mentioned the two principal facts that had been in possession of the authorities from the beginning: The attacker was a Muslim immigrant from Guinea, by way of Somalia, who had a criminal record; and the restaurant proprietor was an Arab Christian immigrant from Israel who had made a point of getting along with Muslims and...

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