No Message Could’ve Been Any Clearer

Michael Jackson is the mirror of the children of liberal America, even though he is dead.  Obsessed with their appearance, they keep hacking away at their features until they are unrecognizable as humans.  Sexualized as pre-adolescents through pop culture, they fetishize their own children by exposing them to pop culture in equal or greater measure.

The meal ticket of Joe Jackson, father of the Jackson Five, was his youngest son, Michael, who was deprived of his own childhood and made to sing from the perspective of a randy adult before he reached puberty.  Then, famously, he became the largest pop singer in the world, amassed a fortune, withdrew into his gaudily appointed Neverland Ranch in California, and ultimately died there of a cocktail of prescription sleeping drugs in 2009.

Now, after the airing of a new documentary on HBO, Michael Jackson has become the latest subject of the #MeToo Challenge, wherein fans of a celebrity must decide whether they adore him enough to deem the accusations against him to be credible.

Leaving Neverland chronicles allegations of pedophilic sexual abuse made by two accusers, grown men who are married and have children.  If credibility is to be judged by the sincerity of the appearance of these two men, then Jackson is guilty as sin.  Indeed, the appearance of sincerity combined with salacious details form the faulty standard by which all #MeToo...

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