No Justice, No Peace

There is no pleasing Duke University law professor Brandon L. Garrett, author of the death-penalty-abolishment screed End of Its Rope: How Killing the Death Penalty Can Revive Criminal Justice, though much about the current state of criminal justice should please him.  Nationwide, death sentences and executions are at historic lows, yet he claims that the criminal-justice system has an appetite for vengeance.  Capital-murder defendants eagerly confess under oath to horrible murders to avoid execution and take up state residence at taxpayer expense, yet he considers life without parole to be as immoral as the death penalty.  Public safety has increased along with incarcerations, yet he believes that all nonviolent crimes should be decriminalized and rehabilitation for all should be the only just response to lawlessness.  Erroneous convictions are rare, challenged, and corrected (and sometimes overcorrected), yet he claims that they are a significant problem that junk science and lying jailhouse snitches perpetuate.  More whites than blacks are on death row even though blacks commit more murders than whites, yet the author complains that the death penalty discriminates against blacks.  He alleges that the system criminalizes mental illness, yet drug and mental-health courts offer treatment in lieu of incarceration for those who are motivated.  He claims that innocent people have been executed, but regarding...

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