Between the Lines

No Good Deed . . .

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, hated by the open-borders crowd but loved by those who want to uphold America’s immigration laws, has always been surrounded by controversies—they whirl around him like dust storms in the Arizona desert.  Now an even bigger storm is brewing around him, in the wake of the Trump administration’s pardon.

And what, you may ask, did Trump pardon him for?

For the “crime” of upholding our nation’s immigration laws.  Yes, it’s a criminal act for local officials to do that these days, as around the country “sanctuary cities” are declaring that federal laws barring illegal immigrants are no longer operative within their jurisdictions.  Entire states have enacted a policy of open borders—notably California, New York, and other Blue State bastions of political correctness, where even questioning someone as to his legal status is now a crime.

It’s all part of a vast social-engineering scheme to flood the U.S. with illegal immigrants and thus change the character of the country and the electorate.  Arpaio’s “crime” is that he stood up and said no.

It all started when Arizona passed a law requiring police to ask detainees about their legal status and empowering them to check with federal authorities as to whether arrestees were in the country legally.  Then President Barack Obama’s...

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