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"No Credible Evidence"

The September 11 Commission (the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States) has found “no credible evidence” of a meaningful link between Iraq and Al Qaeda.  Flatly contradicting claims by the Bush administration that such a connection justified the war in Iraq, the commission’s preliminary report released on June 16 says that Osama bin Laden had long opposed Saddam Hussein’s secular regime and that his subsequent attempts to obtain help were rebuffed by the Iraqi dictator.

The September 11 Commission is an imperfect body.  It is guilty of not asking many questions that are essential to understanding the nature of the threat facing us.  While failing to focus on the nature of Islam, U.S. immigration policy, and other strategic issues, the commission’s experts nevertheless appear to have been thorough and professional in dealing with those specific aspects that they were instructed to examine.  Their conclusion reflects the consensus of the intelligence community.  The findings were supported by top CIA and FBI officials who had been under intense political pressure before the war to establish such a link.

The commission’s report is embarrassing for President Bush and his administration.  It came only two days after Vice President Dick Cheney made the latest in a series of assertions that a link between Saddam and Osama did exist, and...

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