In the Dark

Night Thoughts for the Middle-Aged

About Schmidt
Produced and distributed by New Line Cinema 
Directed by Alexander Payne
Screenplay by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor from Louis Begley’s novel

The Quiet American
Produced by William Harberg and Stefen Ahrenberg
Directed by Phillip Noyce and Robert Schenkkan
Screenplay by Christopher Hampton from Graham Greene’s novel 
Distributed by Miramax Films

Bulletin: Hollywood scapegrace, Jack Nicholson, reads Chronicles.

Or so several of our readers reported after seeing Alexander Payne’s adaptation of Louis Begley’s novel, About Schmidt.  Needless to say, these sightings propelled yours truly into action.  

En route to perform my reconnaissance at the local multiplex, I calculated the probabilities.  On reflection, what had seemed at first improbable began to seem quite plausible.  Nicholson, after all, has a reputation for refusing to toe anyone’s line, even that of his conventionally leftist Hollywood paymasters.  I recalled the flap he raised a few years ago when he declared he was against abortion, having been spared by his unmarried mother, who chose the inconvenience of bringing him into the world, to our everlasting benefit.  So, why wouldn’t Hollywood’s premiere maverick subscribe to a journal...

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