Between the Lines

NeverTrump, No Reserve

The enormity of what we’re up against is something I acknowledge in the abstract, but blank out of my consciousness 99 percent of the time.  It’s only when I come across an article like Alexander Rubinstein’s and Max Blumenthal’s recent exposé of the Omidyar Network that I’m jolted into awareness.  As the article published by MintPress News reveals, this political organization masquerading as a charity is so extensive, and reaches into so many ideological circles—from ultra-left open-borders agitators to Bill Kristol’s latest projects—and spans so many continents that, in reading about it in such detail, one wonders: Who could stand against it?

Born in Paris to Iranian migrants, Pierre Omidyar is the 51-year-old entrepreneur who founded eBay and rose to become one of the towering giants of Silicon Valley.  Unlike many other tech billionaires, however, he receives little to no media attention.

His investments range the political spectrum.  He’s financing almost single-handedly a wide variety of causes seemingly in conflict, from The Intercept, the online antiwar left-wing site associated with Glenn Greenwald, to the Alliance for Securing Democracy, a group set up by the Atlantic powers to keep the U.S. “engaged” in the world, to a whole panoply of other organizations with names like “Defending Democracy Together”...

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