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Netanyahu and "European" Antisemitism

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By:Eugene Girin | February 19, 2015

The most recent Muslim terrorist outrage took place in Copenhagen this time. The son of Palestinian immigrants (the European liberals' favorite designated victims) Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein (described with typical accuracy by the NYT as Denmark's "native son") shot up first, a free speech meeting, killing a Danish documentary filmmaker, and moved on to shoot up a synagogue where a bat mitzvah celebration was held, killing a volunteer guard from the local Jewish community before being dispatched by Danish cops.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately seized on the opportunity the Islamist double murder provided and with characteristic obtuseness, called for the mass emigration of European Jews to Israel. In response, the leaders of Denmark's Jews put the neocons' darling into his place. "Terror is not a reason to move to Israel", responded Danish Chief Rabbi Jair Melchior, adding that, "If the way we deal with terror is to run somewhere else, we should all run to a deserted island". The French Prime Minister pointed out that Bibi's remarks came in the middle of a hotly contested Knesset campaign, which may result in a Labor coalition victory. One wonders how Netanyahu and the Israeli establishment would react if during the constant suicide bombings of the Second Intifada, Vladimir Putin called on Soviet Jews to return to Russia from Israel.

Two things need to be pointed out with regard to the latest Islamic terror attack in Europe. First, the "European" antisemitism that the Jewish establishment and the mainstream media rail and wail about, is in reality, Arab Muslim and Black antisemitism, which takes place in Europe and is perpetrated by the unassimilated and unassimilable children and grandchildren of Muslim and Black immigrants. In the recently posted video "10 Hours of Walking in Paris as a Jew", a man with a yarmulke is subjected to various forms of verbal abuse by youngsters on the streets of Paris. What strikes the viewer is not one of the hooligans is a Frenchman or a European. They are all Arabs or Blacks who make comments ranging from "Viva Palestina!" to the worst kind of profanities. It is not Francois, Jean, or Brigitte, but Mohammed, Bilal, and Fatima who are attacking Jews, vandalizing cemeteries, and shooting up synagogues. But don't expect the Jewish establishment to recognize this uncomfortable fact. No, the Foxmans and the Hiers will continue to rail against "European antisemitism" and "intolerance" while the Muslims of Europe will continue to attack Jews.

Second, every such attack plays directly into the hands of Netanyahu and his goal of a Judenfrei Western Europe. On the one hand, it seemed to confirm his constant assertions that Europe is a place where no Jew can feel safe. Therefore, Israel should not even listen to criticism from the EU regarding the Palestinians and the stalled "peace process". After all, are not these the same folks who allow an antisemitic reign of terror to engulf their countries? On the other hand, the emigration of Western European Jews to Israel, both improves the fragile demographic balance in Israel and brings largely educated and Westernized people into the Israeli economy. 

Instead of responding with messages of support for real Europeans and standing united with them, Netanyahu engaged in belligerent demagoguery, for which he is so infamous. I guess one cannot teach an old Likudnik new tricks.



Harry Heller
San Francisco
2/20/2015 02:53 PM

  This post is extremely difficult to interpret. Netanyahu is being bashed, but for what, exactly? Mr. Girin is correct that this so-called "European antisemitism" involves non-European perpetrators. Is he alleging that "Bibi" is implying that the European antisemitic acts are the work of modal Europeans (as Foxman tries to insinuate)? I haven't heard the PM saying that, nor does he say that here, only that Europe is becoming unsafe for Jews. Well, is it or isn't it? Many European Jews think it is, even if they properly blame the Muslim settlers. And what is wrong with Bibi wanting European Jews to emigrate to Israel? He is an Israeli/Jewish patriot. Why wouldn't he be concerned with domestic demographic issues, and with increasing the Jewish population of Israel? I wish we had white American politicians similarly concerned with demographic issues, who wanted to increase the white portion of America (say, by advocating the mass-importation of the remaining Boervolk)! And who cares about the Palestinians and their duplicitous "peace process"? Netanyahu is the mind of nationalist leader every Western nation needs!

2/20/2015 04:06 PM

  Mr. Girin, I am sure you recognize that Jews in the West have been at the head of all of the suicidal pushes for more and more diversity. In fact, Larry Auster admits that most Jews are actually in favor of Islamic immigration even though it goes against there own self-interests: Many Jews(not saying you or others like Gottfried) have an irrational fear and hatred of white Christians most amusingly the neutered and spineless Evangelicals who shill for Israel at all costs even the safety of their Christian brethren in the Holy Land.

Harry Heller
San Francisco
2/21/2015 04:08 AM

  A further observation. All true Occidentalists support Netanyahu's position re the emigration of Jews from Europe. The issue of the place of Jews in the Occident is a complex one. I myself adopt a middle ground between neo-Nazis, who want their ancestral lands, including the USA, made 'judenrein', and liberal diversitarians who either hate white Christianity or are indifferent to its survival. My view is that Occidentalists should broadly support and ally with Israel (that means rhetorically, not wasting our blood and taxes fighting its wars), and that we should attempt to reach out to the American Jewish community to try to bring some Jews (as with Mr. Girin) over to the conservative cause. We should accept the Jewish presence in the USA, and reject (real) antisemitism, while not being afraid to criticize Jews as a community when they collectively espouse policies (like nonwhite immigration, the great problem of the age) which harm the collective survival interests of Europeans and their racial descendants. OTOH, Occidentalists do NOT support the presence of non-Europeans of any kind, including Jews and Gypsies, in Europe itself. Europe is OUR continent, the ancient lands of our white race. We regard Europe exactly as the Likud views the land of Israel. The European peoples are morally entitled to the ethnopreservation of their lands - for themselves and their issue alone. If the Occident is to survive anywhere, it will and must be in Europe. Accordingly, ALL non-Europeans must be expatriated from Europe. That is non-negotiable for authentic conservatives, and that separationist edict will include European Jewry. So the Occidentalist position re Netanyahu and his call for Jewish emigration from Europe to Israel is to loudly praise him.

Sandra Ingles
2/21/2015 10:31 AM

  You are the only publication I have seen that lumps black people as an entire group in with Arab Muslims as anti-semitic perpetrators. Isn't it for the most part Muslims of all strips?

Eugene Girin
Forest Hills
2/22/2015 12:11 PM

  To Sandra Ingles: it is mostly Arabs, but increasing numbers of the descendants of Black immigrants to France.


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