Cultural Revolutions

Neoconservative Ideology

The neoconservative ideology of Western (preferably American) democracy and free markets is a form of secular religion.  The door to this secular church begins to open to the sinner when he starts surfing the internet, watching CNN, eating at McDonald’s, and reading the gospel according to Tom Friedman.  And he (“or she”—adding that is itself a sign that you’ve been born again) becomes a full member of the new religion when he commits himself without reservation to the principles of Pax Americana, globalization, and multiculturalism.

Indeed, if you regard neoconservatives as missionary zealots applying U.S. power to remake the world and establish a heaven on Earth, then the recent and colorful “democratic revolutions” in Georgia (“Rose”), Ukraine (“Orange”), Iraq (“Purple”), or Lebanon (“Cedar”) should be considered as forms of mass conversion or baptism.  Trendy young men and women—T-shirts displaying cool logos, thongs showing off from behind, men wearing earrings, the sound of rap music is in the air—are evidence that the country in question is ready to join the American Empire.  If you even dare to raise doubts about the commitment of these guys and dolls to the new religion and challenge the belief that your tax money should pay for all of that (not to mention the blood of American men and, yes, women), you...

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