Between the Lines

Neocons in the Dock

The nomination of Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense has sparked a firestorm of opposition from Israel’s fifth column in the United States.  It is a useful example of just how the Jewish state’s parasitic relationship with America works.

Israel cannot stand alone: She is a European colony in the midst of an Arab sea and cannot sustain herself, either economically or militarily, without massive infusions of money and arms from her Western sponsors.  Furthermore, Israel’s demographic doom is sealed unless authorities can somehow persuade Jews living elsewhere to make aliyah.  Failing that, the Israelis will be outnumbered in their own country, as Arabs are reproducing at a far-higher rate.

Their solution to this demographic dilemma is to annex the West Bank, ethnically cleanse it of non-Jews, and create a Greater Israel that stretches from the Jordan to the sea.  Pace Oslo, that is the course the current Israeli government is on.

In order to accomplish this task, the Israelis need to block their American allies from interfering, and this means pulling out all the stops.  Firmly ensconced in both parties, and in the permanent national-security bureaucracy, our Israel Firsters are working assiduously to clear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s road to realize the Zionist dream of an Israel with no Arabs.

Their first task...

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