Between the Lines

Neocon Armageddon!

That old agitator Mahatma Gandhi certainly knew his chops, and one of his aphorisms surely has resonance when we contemplate the Trump phenomenon: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”  This is certainly what has happened in 2015, as Donald Trump defies the Establishment, the pundits, the “experts,” and the media, surging in the polls—and in the nightmares of the political class.

They said it was over for him when he denigrated a popular FOX News anchor in terms one seldom hears outside of a locker room, but the brouhaha didn’t put a dent in his rising popularity.  They said he was through when he dared criticize the sainted John McCain in terms one doesn’t often hear outside of a barroom—except his poll numbers shot up.  They told us Trump was finished when he took on George W. Bush, saying aloud what every rational human being certainly knows to be true: that Dubya, who had plenty of warnings before the September 11 attacks, dropped the ball.  That same week, the latest polls showed Trump surging, with the Establishment’s pygmies mired in single digits and The Donald approaching 30 percent.  Only outsider Ben Carson is in the double-digit category.

We are fast approaching the “then they fight you” phase, as Republican insider Byron York noted in the Washington Examiner: “[S]ome...

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