Cultural Revolutions

Nelson Mandela Idolized?

Nelson Mandela idolized? Am I the only one who didn't do a spastic street dance over his arrival in America? Tell him to take "power" in the wrong African language?

California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown said being with Mandela was like "being in the presence of God." A worshiper along the parade route in New York called Mandela "our savior." A man in Los Angeles said we should lay down "palms in his path."

A few banana peels, maybe. Mandela is a Red. Worse, he is a Red out of a time machine, who seeks to impose wealth-destroying Marxism on the only country in Africa where everyone has enough to eat.

Mandela also endorses killing and torture by his African National Congress (ANC). When he was arrested in the 1960's, he was carrying ANC explosives to commit sabotage. His eminence rouge is the bloodthirsty Lithuanian Communist Joe Slovo. And at his Harlem extravaganza, Mandela sought to honor the aging Puerto Rican Communists who shot up the U.S. Congress and tried to kill President Truman.

Mandela's no hero; he's the political equivalent of 2 Live Crew. Excuse me if I sit out this rap. Yes, he spent years in prison—or, rather, in a comfortable house on the prison grounds—although his criminal record justified a death sentence under South African law.

Yes, he was ideologically steadfast, just like the Bolsheviks...

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