Natural Woman

Women of the younger, liberated generation have been raised to believe that being equal to men means being the same as men. Thus, they try hard to convince themselves that casual sex is harmless "fun" as long as they "play it safe." In A Return to Modesty: Discovering the Lost Virtue, Wendy Shalit presents the radical notion that men and women are, yes, different. Men can engage in sexual activity without becoming emotionally attached. Women, Miss Shalit observes, generally cannot.

A young woman surrounded by casual sexuality all her life—from safe sex lessons (which she boycotted) in grade school to young men and women "hooking-up" serially and meaninglessly throughout college—Miss Shalit fails to observe the suppression of anyone's wish for promiscuous sex. She is concerned that society ignores the fact that most women simply do not want as much random sex as possible. Consequently, she argues, women must often suppress their hopes and dreams and pretend not to be what they really are: women.

The reason women have to try so hard to be like men is because it does not come naturally, and women most often get hurt by giving their bodies to men who do not care about their souls. How unfair that men should have all the fun when the sexual revolution promised women that they could, too! But there is method in Mother Nature's madness. Women are, by nature, equipped with...

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