Naomi's Secret

Naomi Wolf is nice. She is attractive, she has a daughter, she is even married. To a man. A far cry from the rabid man-haters associated with modern-day feminism. Her voice has been hailed as one of moderation; she celebrates "power feminism," professing that women are not helpless. She goes out of her way to say how much she likes men. But beneath her diplomatic veneer of likable moderation lies a worldview as radical as that of her more militant feminist colleagues.

Her last book, Fire with Fire, was nothing less than a battle plan for women to break down the "patriarchy," of which they are victims. In Promiscuities: The Secret Struggle for Womanhood, Miss Wolf trots out the female victim scenario again, supported by anecdotes of her, and her girlfriends', coming of age in the San Francisco of the 1970's. American society. Miss Wolf says, does not value and respect "female desire," thus no one teaches girls how to become women, resulting in today's mayhem of confused girls' unwanted sex, disease, and babies. Additional support comes from interspersed history and social studies lessons, explaining how other cultures and epochs treated women and sex.

Her favorite example of female victimhood is the "shadow slut," and she introduces several from her adolescence. She recounts how a girlfriend, at 12 or 13, put on makeup and unbuttoned part of her top...

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