Cultural Revolutions

My MSM Rules

When it comes to understanding the Mainstream Media (MSM), I have two simple rules.  Rule One: Take off 50 IQ points whenever the MSM cover religion, and bump that up to about 100 points whenever the religion is Catholicism.

Exhibit A: Some months back, Pope Benedict gave a homily during Ordinary Time restating basic Catholic teaching about our duty as stewards of the earth to care for the natural world.  It was absolutely Not News to anybody with a passing familiarity with Catholic teaching.  So how did the MSM treat it?  They explained that Benedict had chosen to wear green vestments to emphasize his new role as the “Green Pope.”

It is to laugh—or weep.

Of course, ignorance doesn’t explain everything.  For good measure, you should also remember Rule Two: Sometimes naked cowardice and the urge to bully is what prompts a story.  This becomes more urgent as Islam continues to press on the West and chicken-hearted journalists want to feel brave in the face of theocratic fascism.  Solution: Mock the Catholic Church, because Rome does not issue fatwas.

Recognizing this immunizes you against a lot of pain and frustration.  When some clever people in San Francisco advertise the Folsom Street Fair (“the world’s largest leather event”) with a billboard depicting the Last Supper as a kinky gay-sadomasochist fête complete...

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