Between the Lines

My Conversation With Alex Jones

I always had the general impression that radio shock-jock Alex Jones was a huckster—basically an entertainer, as opposed to a serious person.  I’d never bothered to listen to his broadcasts, and all I knew about him was secondhand.  My recent encounter with Jones gave me the chance to find out the truth for myself.

The occasion was the Casey Research 2014 Summit, held over a long weekend in San Antonio, Texas.  Douglas Casey is the author of Crisis Investing: Opportunities and Profits in the Coming Great Depression, The International Man, and a half-dozen other best-selling investment books, all written from a libertarian perspective.  I was surprised—and flattered—to be invited as one of the speakers, since this is essentially a conclave of top-notch investment experts, which I most definitely am not.  Yet the Casey Research people had not only invited me but given me top billing.  And the honorarium was nothing to sneeze at.

Still, I was tempted to refuse the invitation, for two reasons.  First, I hate going anywhere.  If it isn’t on my little half-acre of paradise, then I’m usually not much interested in it.  And second, the presence of Jones on the platform, I feared, presaged disaster.  Known as a wild man who would say practically anything, not to mention his decidedly weird “Truther” views on the question...

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