Muslim Sex Crimes in Northern England

In Britain there have been 17 recent prosecutions of gangs of Muslim rapists and child molesters involved in the “on-street grooming” for sex of victims as young as 11 in several towns and cities in northern England.  In the most recent case, members of a gang of Muslims from Derby were convicted of rape, false imprisonment, sexual assault, sexual molestation of children, and perverting the course of justice.  The judge told ringleader Abid Mohammed Saddique, “Your crimes can only be described as evil,” and described him as “evil, manipulative and controlling” and, “in the truest sense, a sexual predator.”  Fifty of the 56 men convicted in the various cases were Muslims.  The religious link is clear, but no one is willing to say so.

Instead, such criminals tend to be described by the government and in the British media as “Asians.”  In bureaucratic, politically correct, British English, Asian means Caucasians with brown faces from the Indian subcontinent, who have come, or whose ancestors came from, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka.  This pseudo­racial term is used both to avoid saying that the malefactors are Muslims and also dishonestly to imply that their evil acts are a mere byproduct of discrimination by the indigenous majority against those of a different hue.  But a large proportion of Britain’s Asians are Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Parsee,...

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