Between the Lines

Muslim Problem

It isn’t all that easy being a paleoconservative/libertarian as well as the editorial director of  I would estimate that more than half of my readers and financial supporters are from the left side of the political spectrum, although there is a substantial libertarian contingent.  The ideological overlap—a mutual opposition to our interventionist foreign policy, and a common desire to preserve the remnants of constitutional restraints on arbitrary government power—allows for peaceful coexistence in general terms, but occasionally the left-right alliance shows signs of fraying.  One such instance occurred following a recent column in which I speculated that Maj. Nidal Hasan just might possibly be an agent of Al Qaeda, that he may have been inspired by them or even that he might have carried out his murderous attack on their orders.

The response from some of my readers was, in short, demented.  Here it was, only a day or so after the Ft. Hood massacre, and already a Truther “explanation” was being floated.  The whole thing was a set-up, you see, an “inside job,” as the Truthers invariably phrase it.  There was more than one shooter; no one could have fired that many rounds.  The CIA was no doubt the real culprit, and it was all a plot to trigger a government round-up of Muslims and other supposed subversives.

I should say that these remarks...

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